Perception and Deception


187 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000

September 18 - 14 October 2015

Perception and Deception - Paul Zika

Modernist pictorial space ceased to be illusionistic, and relied upon the figure/ground relationship to create a different pictorial space. In this shift, a new interaction between the positive and negative arose, and this relationship was no longer ‘fixed’. This spatial ambiguity is at its most heightened within decoration. So, despite a high modernist distaste for the decorative; that is an area that I have explored for the last twenty-five years. The pursuit has been for a pictorial space that remains both volatile and seductive; one that entices and overwhelms; one that we become totally immersed in, and we surrender to that capture!

The sources for this research in the past have been the decorative scenographies of Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Islamic architecture; where there is a seamless transition between form and surface, and embellishment is an integral element rather that a superficial application. Furthermore, there is a diminished hierarchy between fine art and decorative art within these systems.
More recently, the sources have been the Bolivian weaving patterns being revived by the Tarabuco and Jalq’a communities, and Roman mosaics. The Terme series draws generally upon both these sources, and more particularly on the geometric border friezes within the mosaic panels found in Imperial Roman baths. I have expanded these open linear designs and the second phase has seen the introduction of more complex multidirectional compositions within the single panel.

Paul Zika 2015


1. Terme 7 2012
112 x 162 x 5

2. Terme 9 2013
107 x 186 x 5

3. Terme 10 2013
138 x 107 x 5

4. Terme 11 2014
105 x 159 x 5

5. Terme 12 2014
138 x 107 x 5

6. Terme 13 2015
138 x 107 x 5

7. Terme 14 2015
88 x 88 x 5

all works acrylic on wood
height then width and depth in centimetres