Plimsoll Gallery

Centre for the Arts

Hunter Street, Hobart

Fiona Gunn, Kevin Henderson, Peter Hill and Donna Marcus.

Introduction: Paul Zika, Essay: Edward Colless.

24-page catalogue: ISBN 0 85901 535 1

Download PDF: Review – Install x 4, Art Monthly

Foreword: Paul Zika

Artists and curators regularly install exhibitions in galleries, but when an artist employs installation as a strategy it is about the articulation and deployment of an entire given space and the engagement of the viewer in that orchestration. Additionally, in this exhibition there is the interaction between installations. The dynamics of this totality cannot be captured in a catalogue (especially when the catalogue goes to print before the works have been installed and the curator’s overall concept is based upon the participating artists’ previous work and exhibition proposal abstracts). The written and visual material enclosed here provides a background to what will be/is/has been installed in the Plimsoll Gallery, and hopefully will enhance debate and discussion about installation strategies. When Kevin Henderson was selected as the first Scottish Arts Council funded resident in Australia (hosted jointly by the Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart and the Canberra School of Art), I decided to evolve an exhibition of installation works to coincide with his presence and provide a focus for his residency. It has provided an ideal opportunity to view the work of another Scot, Peter Hill, wh ose wo rk on the Museum of Contemporary Ideas has not been seen in Hobart although he has lived here for two and a half years. Their work is complemented by that of Fiona Gunn and Donna Marcus who will both come to Hobart to install their own work. Four very different attitudes to the notion of installation. Paul Zika, April 1993