Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

Level 8 Room16 Nicholas Building

37 Swanston St Melbourne 3000

On the corner of Flinders Lane

Opening 2pm-4pm Saturday December 1

Exhibition November 28 – December 22 2012

Gallery Hours Wednesday to Friday 1pm-5pm Saturday 11am-5pm and by appointment 0407 317 323

Download PDF: Review, Penny Webb, The Age, January 2, 2013

Over more than twenty years Zika has been investigating new pictorial spatial dynamics through an exploration of the decorative, within the format of constructed relief paintings. The sources for this research have been the decorative schemes of Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Islamic architecture; where there is a seamless transition between form and surface, and embellishment is an integral element rather that a superficial application. More recently, the sources have been the Bolivian weaving patterns being revived by the Tarabuco and Jalq’a communities, and Roman mosaics. After the over-all intensity of the previous Jalq’a works, the Terme series reflects a desire to lighten the compositions, allowing more of the white ‘ground’ of the wall to be read within the design. It was the geometric border friezes within the mosaic panels found in Imperial Roman baths that influenced these subsequent more open linear works.


1. Terme 7 2012 1120 x 1620 x 50 deep (Comprises 2 elements)

2. Terme 8 2012 1070 x 820 x 55 deep

3. Terme 6 2011 1130 x 1750 x 50 deep (Comprises 2 elements)

4. Terme 5 2011 1290 x 980 x 50 deep (Comprises 2 elements)

5. Terme 4 2011 1320 x 1130 x 50 deep (Comprises 2 elements)

All works acrylic on wood Sizes are nominal with height indicated first

This project has been assisted by the University of Tasmania