Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

Level 8 Room16 Nicholas Building

37 Swanston St Melbourne 3000 On the corner of Flinders Lane

Opening 2pm-4pm Saturday October 28 Exhibition October 25 – November 11 2006

Gallery Hours Wednesday to Friday 1pm-5pm Saturday 11am-5pm and by appointment 0407 317 323

Download PDF: Review, Penny Webb, The Age, Friday November 10, 2002

The Sicilian Arabesques are a series of constructed ornate paintings that draw on an eclectic array of Sicilian decorative sources – continuing the tradition of the arabesque in conjuring a new ornamental hybrid. The starting point was a particular ceiling design in Villa Niscemi (Palermo): a quirky scheme that combines a mix of gilded geometry and floral embellishments. This second phase employs an asymetrical format in the investigation of new pictorial spatial dynamics.


1. Niscemi 7 2006 Acrylic on Wood 1220 x 805 x 60mm

2. Niscemi 4 2005 Acrylic on Wood 1200 x 900 x 60mm

3. Niscemi 5 2005 Acrylic on Wood 895 x 1210 x 60mm

4. Niscemi 6 2005 Acrylic on Wood 950 x 1020 x 60mm

5. Niscemi 8 2006 Acrylic on Wood 1020 x 1060 x 60mm

6. Niscemi 9 2006 Acrylic on Wood 1030 x 1005 x 60mm

Sizes are nominal, with height indicated first

This project has been assisted by the University of Tasmania.