The designs for four (4) major public paving projects for Hobart City Council (as part of a significant redevelopment of the Hobart CBD) have been carried out by Paul Zika in conjunction with Tecton Projects / HCC. Since 1995 as well as preparing design roughs, he oversaw detailed cad renderings of the various projects and provided on site advice and supervision. All the projects were managed by Tecton Projects, with Zika employed as consultant designer. With the Hobart CBD re-development, he was initially involved as a consultant (May, June 1995) participating in design workshops, providing input into general design concepts and assisting with the identification of art opportunities. These collaborations resulted in a series of integrated solutions, both conceptually and physically. He was not only involved in discussion about the location of furniture and amenities, but in the choice and location of artworks. Through Zika’s extensive exhibition curatorship, often with a high sculpture and installation content, he has considerable experience in working with other artists.

Hobart Mall

Wellington Court